Our Business Offer

All of our Coaching & Leadership programes have been specifically designed, so that they can be either delivered as existing brands or designed to fit your own individual needs. 

The diversity, knowledge and experience within  m.h Coaching & Leadership enables us to be both formal or informal, whilst remaing flexible to our creative licence.

This is one of the many exciting and unique USP benefits of working with us. We can create a personal and professional culture within any specific educational, community, corporate and retail environment by coaching an awareness of :-

Life Skills
Personal Growth  We don't want to change you! Just add to you

Educational leadership and management

Developing head teachers, middle managers, individual team members and governing body

Personal growth via persuasive guided probing

Unconditional and independent reflection  

Looks at people’s personal agenda & politics,head onChallenges both self and team

Takes you on both a personal and professional
emotional journey

Leadership by values and behaviours. Winning hearts and minds        

Motivational, inspiring and challenging

Massive boost to self confidence , but at a deep
intrinsic level

Introduces life and mentoring skills, as valuable
leadership and team coaching styles 

We don't want to change you! Just add to you 

Faith in football

Life skills and values tought through football

A unique way to deliver christian based values, through the medium of football. 
Values play a crucial part in the personal development of our young children . Football is an ideal way of being able to engage children and teach them about these values and how behaviours underpin these values.  

We don't want to change you! Just add to you. 

Community Outreach and Cohesion

"Live, Laugh and Learn" community outreach project

Our sessions are aimed at developing individual, team and community growth. They can be adapted to all aspects of personal, family and community cohesion and development

Our successful " Live, Laugh and Learn" community outreach programme includes many of the lifestyle and employability skills required to grow as an individuals , families and communities.

We also look at wellbeing, diet, exercise and self esteem as established personal development needs.  

We don't want to change you! Just add to you.

Corporate Development Packages

Likeability leadership

The Likeability leadership programme will aim to add value to the senior leadership team within your business, through one-to-one coaching with department heads, coaching a unique leadership style, skills programme and teamwork philosophy.

The delivery of this programme will enable the leadership teams to focus on:


1.            Engaging and developing people:

               i.        Adding value to people, aiming to help them advance and assist them in becoming who they were made to be.

2.            Driving employee engagement:

                       i.        Emphasise the importance of people’s work

                     ii.        Provide consistent, meaningful and positive reinforcement

3.            Valuing results and relationships:

               i.        To be able to know and relate to what other’s value, what is importance to them

             ii.        To master to art of really listening

            iii.        Focus on everyone being able to live out their strengths, and improve upon their weaknesses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The programme will allow the participants to ask themselves questions such as:

·         Who are the influencers in my life?

·         What are my values?

·         What are my own beliefs about leading?

·         What can people expect from me?

·         What can I expect from the people I work with?

·         How will I set a good example?

The programme philosophy is based around the inverted leadership pyramid, and the idea that leaders should be holding their team members up, rather than towering above them.




Retail Business Consultancy

"Service with Attitude and Style"

Our industry experience means that we can offer a detailed and comprehensive business retailing support package which is designed to suit your individual Operational or People Development needs.

"Service with Attitude and Style" is our branded operational session which looks at all aspects of :- P&L Analysis, Customer Service, Marketing, Pricing and Margin, SWOT Analysis, Site Identification, Margin Management

People Development
Our " Boardroom to Dressing Room"  brand allows us to fully highlight, PDP/CPD , Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, and identified keyskill coaching and mentoring needs

We don't want to change you! Just add to you.