Core Skills educational packages

Developing students, head teachers and middle leadership

m.h Coaching & Leadership core skills packages are available on a “ mix and match” basis as to client requirement and can be delivered with the outcome measurement as either one to one or group dynamics

Likeability Leadership...................this senior / middle manager programme is delivered over a five day session plan. Senior executives, Head teachers and Middle managers look at themselves, changes to their character, and them self as a person. Person branding, strategy, teamwork, leadership, vision, values and behaviours are the main challenges. 5 days

Dream, Believe and Achieve ....... based upon teamwork, leadership and values with a football designed environment (Dressing Room) This programme has been successfully delivered at both Sunderland AFC and Middlesbrough AFC football academies for the past 5 years B/Tec and GCSE attainment with NVQ assessment criteria in built  6x2 hr sessions.

Boardroom to classroom ............ designed to challenge relationships, values and behaviours linking business with education and highlighting the similarities of emotional and relationship development , real life skill storytelling is used to create a reality theme. Crucial in the students preparation for entering the world of further education and careers.  2x2 hr session

Building the complete student........looks at what makes a great student and also what makes a great teacher. Behaviours, values and attitudes are challenged. Teacher student, parent relationships are brought to life in a 2 hr session

Personal branding..........................looks at the individual, who they really are and what underpins their values. Challenges self esteem, confidence, peer group pressure, bullying and identifying what they really see as the future. SWOT analysis, values and USP. 2hr session

 Your future......................................takes the student through a career plan which will highlight the needs of both the student and employer. Again, this is values driven, but role play, video feedback and group challenge makes for a reality-strong environment. Personal statement, CV design, cover letter, interview coaching and links to personal branding influence outcomes. 4 x 2hr sessions

We don't want to change you! Just add to you.

Corporate Development Packages

Likeability Leadership / Boardroom to Dressing Room. (These are UNIQUE)

The Likeability Leadership programme will aim to add value to the senior leadership team within your business, through one-to-one coaching with department heads, coaching a unique leadership style, skills programme and teamwork philosophy. Boardroom to Dressing Room working in a dressing room environment making boardroom decisions. 

The delivery of this programme will enable the leadership teams to focus on:


1.            Engaging and developing people:

               i.        Adding value to people, aiming to help them advance and assist them in becoming who they were made to be.

2.            Driving employee engagement:

                       i.        Emphasise the importance of people’s work

                     ii.        Provide consistent, meaningful and positive reinforcement

3.            Valuing results and relationships:

               i.        To be able to know and relate to what other’s value, what is importance to them

             ii.        To master to art of really listening

            iii.        Focus on everyone being able to live out their strengths, and improve upon their weaknesses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The programme will allow the participants to ask themselves questions such as:

·         Who are the influencers in my life?

·         What are my values?

·         What are my own beliefs about leading?

·         What can people expect from me?

·         What can I expect from the people I work with?

·         How will I set a good example?

The programme philosophy is based around the inverted leadership pyramid, and the idea that leaders should be holding their team members up, rather than towering above them.




Retail business consultancy

"Service with Attitude and Style" concept

Our industry experience means that we can offer a detailed and comprehensive business retailing support package which is designed to suit your individual Operational or People Development needs.

"Service with Attitude and Style" is our branded operational session which looks at all aspects of :- P&L Analysis, Customer Service, Marketing, Pricing and Margin, SWOT Analysis, Site Identification, Margin Management

People Development
Our " Boardroom to Dressing Room"  brand allows us to fully highlight, PDP/CPD , Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, and identifies key skill requirements of both the individual and team

We don't want to change you! Just add to you.