Live, laugh and learn project

Community growth outreach

How do you grow and establish personal, professional and community values ? We challenge the norm on this one !
Seriously looking at :-
Environment, values, life skills, self belief, esteem, confidence, careers, welfare, education and community outreach.

Careers planning

10% pile

A careers package which is both mindful of the individual and the company. establishes just how to achieve acceptance into the 10% pile!

Content includes:-
Who are you
S.W.O.T analysis
Personal branding
Personal profiling
Job design
Cover letter and CV creation 
Interview styles
By the time you have completed this programme you will be better equiped to sell yourself within the jobs market. The real you will start to appear.

Values and behaviours within the community

Parenting with attitude and style

Looking and challenging family and community values and behaviours through attitudes . Personal and professional advise, life coaching, careers planning with the added understanding of yourself!
Course includes:-
Self esteem creation, confidence building, belief coaching, values establishment, linked behaviours, family virtues explored and courage.
Also topped up by a careers programme .