Likeability leadership

Head teacher mentoring and coaching programme

Working directly with the head teacher to establish both a personal and professional development plan.
Our existing senior leadership programme Likeability leadership, will be included in this offer :-
Who are you
S.W.O. T analysis
Personal branding
Likeability leadership
Half time in your life
Servant leadership
This is our most popular senior leadership programme, with over 150 clients to date.

The "Who am I " careers programme

Effective , good career guidance for schools and colleges

The "Who am I " careers programme aims to educate young people to know more about the range of careers open to people with the right qualifications, they will then have a clearer idea of the routes to better jobs.

Employers can give an authentic picture of work that schools alone can never convey., but they need to work in close collaboration with schools.

Personal guidance tailored to individual needs and above all inspiring teaching. That's what the "Who am I" careers programme delivers. 

A schools / college careers programme should embed equality and diversity considerations throughout and raise aspirations.

"Who am I " helps candidates to, understand personal profiling, values , behaviours, attitudes, personal branding, interview techniques and how life skills effect the recruitment process.

Head teacher annual appraisal review

Determines both head teacher and governing body performance incuding reward and recognition

mh Coaching & Leadership will meet with both the headteacher and governing body to review and establish strategic, curriculum and personal objectives . This includes the agreement of new and challenging objectives which both parties are committed to.

They will also review current year objectives and ensure that performance targets are measured and agreed by both  the headteacher and governing body.
Challenge, transparency,robust review, vision, values and behaviours are all part of the bigger picture thinking involved in this rigorous review process!


"Dream, Believe and Achieve" life skills academy

This high profile life skills programme is designed to help the total holistic personal development of each individual child between the ages of 10 to 16 . 

Teamwork, leadership, reputation management, emotional intelligence, values, behaviours and personal branding form the foundation of this programme.
Currently used by Sunderland AFC academy and Middlesbrough AFC academy to develop there under young footballers.
Our "Values in Football" is the very successful learning programme currently being used by several primary schools within Cumbria schools to develop theirYR6 pupils.(boys and girls)

Making the 10% pile.

Employability careers skills workshop

Designed specifically to help build confidence, create a better understanding of self and the ability to understand individual career needs.

Course content includes :-
Personal branding
S.W.O.T analysis
Personal statement design
Job profiling
Cover letter and CV development
Personality skills analysis
Making the 10% pile 
Interview styles
Coaching and lifeskills are brought to life! 

Selling the Vision

PR and marketing for schools

How to grow reputation, performance, standards, intake and community cohesion.
We look at the following criteria in detail :-
Service with attitude and style in the community
Training and development
Values and behaviours
Challenges the current mindset of all usual growth strategies