Corporate leadership and development

Vision,values, and behaviours

Our corporate packages are designed to maximum impact and include a very personal level of committment. 

We are different to any other provider.

1) Vision,values and behaviours ----- Challenges culture

2) Likeability leadership   -----  Behaviours matter  

3) Servant leadership       -----  Inverted pyramid 

4) Half time in your life     -----  Success to significance 

Teamwork, leadership, reputation management, storytelling, listening, life skills, personal branding and relationship building all feature in our corporate packages. 

" It's not what they can do for you, but what you can do for them"

Pitch to Boardroom partnership

Strategic teamwork, leadership and strategy boardgame


Pitch to Boardroom is a unique business, teamwork, leadership and business strategy boardgame !

Decision making, team selection, leadership styles, strategic thinking and financial control are all included in the games challenges to its players.

It is certainly a unique way of delivering both a fun and an action packed corporate development day to both a male and female executive audience.

mh Coaching & Leadership are delighted to be associated with Stuart Blyth and Pitch to Boardroom on a joint venture basis